BOTOX® Cosmetic Myths & Facts

Myths about BotoxMyth 1
BOTOX® Cosmetic injections cause a person to become expressionless and artificial-looking.

FACT – The truth is that a BOTOX® Cosmetic injection is a highly technique-sensitive procedure. Achieving your desired result, to look natural and refreshed, depends on the skill and experience of the physician and very importantly, both the amount and precise location of the medicament injected.

Myth 2
BOTOX® Cosmetic is poisonous and unsafe.

FACT – BOTOX® Cosmetic has been approved for medical use in Canada and in more than 75 countries for 20 different applications. In 2001, Health Canada approved BOTOX® Cosmetic for wrinkle therapy and it has been proven to be extremely safe through extensive research and testing.

Myth 3
BOTOX® Cosmetic injections are painful.

FACT – An injection of BOTOX® Cosmetic is a highly technique-sensitive procedure. Although only well-trained, experienced cosmetic physicians should be trusted and sought out by those interested in having a treatment, it is simple and quick. A small quantity of liquid is injected using a very tiny needle so that the discomfort, if any, is minimal. The majority of first-time patients say that the treatment was much easier than they had imagined.

Myth 4
BOTOX® Cosmetic is available in the form of a cream.

FACT – Creams are available under different names such as Argireline, Argirelina, Botox-like, Dermo-relax, Injection-free and so on. The fact is that the biological action of the creams is similar to that of BOTOX® Cosmetic but in a much smaller intensity and it purely works on the surface of the skin. It does not substitute BOTOX® Cosmetic which works below the surface of the skin to relax the muscles that cause lines and wrinkles to form.

Myth 5
BOTOX® Cosmetic injections are expensive.

FACT – BOTOX® Cosmetic treats the underlying cause of wrinkles, therefore each patient needs to be treated according to their facial muscles. You should not be surprised that the cost of your treatment is different from your best friend’s; this means that your physician is providing you with a personalized treatment and an adequate dose so that you can achieve optimal results.

The region you are treating also has an influence on the cost of the treatment. Since we are treating the muscles, the dose will differ according to what region and how many regions the physician is treating.

The frequency of treatments generally has a positive effect on the long-term cost of treatments. We advise that patients respect the recommended intervals during the 1st year as this will maintain their results and allow them to reduce the number of treatments in following years.

Finally, if we compare the annual cost of BOTOX® Cosmetic to that of cosmetic creams, the investment is similar. The average Canadian spends between $70-$130 monthly on various types of creams. The annual cost is therefore approximately $800-$1500. This investment is similar to what a patient can expect to invest annually for treatments of BOTOX® Cosmetic. You may also think of it as a daily investment of $2-$6.

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