Understanding Pricing

Understanding Pricing of BotoxBOTOX® Cosmetic is a technique-sensitive procedure. This means that the skill and experience of the physician will impact the outcome of the treatment.

When you consider pricing of a BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment, you must consider that you are paying for a product, as well as the knowledge, skill and the actual act of an expert physician injecting the BOTOX® Cosmetic.

AREA – the cost of a BOTOX® Cosmetic injection will depend on the area being injected. Certain areas have larger muscles and require a higher dose than others. Further, the cost will depend on the number of areas being treated.

UNITS – the cost of a BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment will also depend on the number of units that the physician will inject into a certain area. The number of units necessary for a positive result varies from person to person due to the fact that everyone’s muscles contract differently. Muscles vary in strength and size.

FREQUENCY OF TREATMENTS – You should expect to have treatments spaced 4 months apart when you first begin BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments although some people may be space out treatments at 5 or 6 month intervals if they notice their result have not diminished. If you maintain your treatments at the recommended intervals, you will find that over time the interval between treatments will increase.

Price Ranges Per Area

Below you will find ranges for the most common areas that are treated with Botox cosmetic, as well as some of the most popular advanced uses of Botox cosmetic.


Commonly Treated Areas

1. Horizontal forehead lines [the lines that run horizontally across the forehead)
$200 – $250

2. Glabella [the lines that appear in between the eyebrows]
$300 – $750

3. Crows feet [the lines that radiate outward from the outer eye]
$200 – $350


Advanced Botox Uses1. Brow Lift
$200 -$250

2. Wrinkles around the mouth
$200 – $250

3. Contours of the face and jawline
$450- $600

4. Neck bands
$200 – $400

5. Chin (peau d’orange)
$200 – $250

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