Advanced Uses of BOTOX® Cosmetic Carried Out by Dr. Khanna

Advanced Uses of BOTOX®BOTOX® Cosmetic can be used to

  • Lift the lip contour (marionette lines – sad corners of the mouth)
  • Decrease the appearance of vertical lines around the mouth “smoker’s lines”
  • Correct a “gummy smile”
  • Eliminate neck bands
  • Open up the arch of the brow or “brow lift”
  • Soften the wrinkles of the lower eyelid
  • Correct the horizontal line which appears on the chin
  • Soften the “bunny lines” that appear on the sides of the nose when we smile or squint
  • Raise the tip of the nose
  • Dimish the opening of the nostrils
  • Smooth away the “peau d’orange” on the chin
  • Contour the jawline
  • Smooth away the fine lines on your “décolleté”

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